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Offering comprehensive testing services

We use specialized equipment to collect and test suspected mold and other hazardous content. With a 24 hour turnaround, we confirm whether your home or business has an indoor air quality problem and if so, how to fix it.

Mold Investigations

Our team of expert mold professionals and mold assessors will help you through the difficult process of testing for potential health hazards in your home. Mold remediation can be very expensive and may not be necessary. It’s always a good idea to test first, it could save you thousands of dollars. Each project we do comes complete with a comprehensive report on the findings of your property.

Water Damage Investigations

Water intrusion from severe flooding, sewage backup and leaking sewer pipes or septic tanks can lead to the contamination of your home or business. Exposure to raw sewage (known as black water) greatly increases the risk of exposure to dangerous digestive system diseases and other related illnesses. Don’t put your health or that of your family at risk.

Fire Investigation

Luce Air Quality offers detailed fire investigation services including loss documentation, sampling, and a detailed fire damage assessment report with restoration recommendations.

VOC Investigations

If you need a volatile organic compound testing in your home, LAQ is available to help you with all inspections and testing, no matter the circumstance.

Healthy Building Check Up

Clients will have the opportunity to enroll in a semi annual or annual check up program with us, where we come and survey their buildings for potential maintenance issues, dampness, and mold growth, and make recommendations for maintenance or remediation, if needed!

Other Services

Luce Air Quality specializes in the evaluation and investigation of typical Indoor Air Quality (Sick Building Syndrome) concerns that can originate from poor indoor ventilation, air contaminants, odors, moisture and wetness, fungus (mold) and bacteria contamination, and thermal conditions.